Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekend Update 2

Welcome Winter! Storm system Jonas brought us a wonderful eight or ten inches of beautiful white snow yesterday and overnight (I will take pics later today after the sun has come up--my camera doesn't take great photos in the dark...) Can't wait to get out there and start shoveling! But first--my week in review...

Last week I began a daily tracker in my bullet journal and did so-so with it:

I did manage to get the newest set of journaling Bible bookmarks finished and listed in my Etsy shop:

And I've revamped the tracker for the coming week, taking out some of the less important tasks and hopefully will find better direction this time around.
Other projects I've been playing around with:
A water soluble graphite grid envie
This is a bit blurry but just a quick shot of a couple tie dye papers I'm making for some envie mosaic work this week...
My February monthly layout in my bullet journal
And this is Tucker staring down his arch enemy The Squirrel. These two have a daily chase--The Squirrel will taunt Tucker from atop the fence, running back and forth in some death defying balancing act while Tucker chases him below. Every. Day. Best friends or Best frenemies? I'm just super impressed with this little fella's agility!

So today will be digging out from Jonas. I need to get a five mile run in as well before any arty play time--but for now breakfast is calling--oatmeal with mixed berries--yum! Have a great day--enjoy the snow, and hopefully I'll see you again next week!

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