Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What's Going On Wednesday

I wanted to give a quick peek at some of the books I'm working through right now:

I've been a big Danny Gregory fan forever--I love his books and am really enjoying Art Before Breakfast. I've also been playing off and on with his Creative License for the past few years--his books are so fun, beautiful to read and look at, and always encouraging and inspirational!

The Sketchbook Challenge is another one I peek into from time to time--it's great for getting through creative slumps when you just don't know what you want to do!

I discovered Lynda Barry's Syllabus through Danny Gregory's blog He had listed several books that he had found to be greatly inspirational and Syllabus is a whole lot of fun to play through! The fact that it looks like someone's old composition notebook makes it seem all the more appealing to me--like sneaking a peek into somebody's lost diary!

I just picked up More Creative Lettering at the library yesterday--it has one of my current favorite lettering artists: Lindsey Bugbee of the fabulous blog: The Postman's Knock. I'm a huge snail mail nut and love love love pretty envelopes. Lindsey is a generous spirit who posts all sorts of great tutorials to inspire you not only in making beautiful mail but also all kinds of fun artsy projects. She's got a great creative challenge and giveaway going on for the month of January, so you might want to pop on over and check it out here!

I've really enjoyed Draw Realistic Animals and Realistic Drawing Secrets. It had been so long since I'd actually done any graphite drawing, these two books offer fantastic direction and step by step instruction to get you from a beginning sketch to a fully realized drawing. I've gotten myself quite a stash of graphite pencils now and feel like a little kid every time I take them out to play! It feels like I've found that one thing that just makes my heart and soul soar...I love it!

Drawing 365 is another one to dip into here and there--anything that encourages a daily art practice is a wonderful inclusion in any collection!

So that's what I've got going on here. I need to go print out the details of Lindsey's new challenge and get that worked into the month's schedule...Thanks for stopping by!

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