Sunday, May 8, 2016

For the Love of Poppie

It's probably easier to tell this story in a blog post rather than just the bits and pieces you'd get on social media, so let me introduce our newest family member, Ms Poppie:
A friend had posted this picture on Facebook, commenting another friend was trying to find a new home for this precious love. She had just been rescued from a very sad situation. She had been terribly neglected and desperately needed a new family to take her in. Well, one look at that sweet face and I was hooked, line and sinker, the whole nine yards. I needed to bring this baby home to us. Friend contacted friend, plans were then made, and Friday night my too sweet hubby drove off on an eight hour trek to the other side of NY to pick up our dear Poppie. He really is the best!

This is what our new baby looked like when she first arrived at the rescue in NY:
The family that had her, had a child with a nut allergy. The dog food they were feeding Poppie apparently contained nuts or nut byproducts and every time she ate and then licked the child, child had an allergic reaction. Instead of finding another nut free dog food or even possibly rehoming her, they chained her to a tree and simply stopped feeding her. It's uncertain how long she suffered this way but after just a week at the rescue, she'd already started to regain some weight and was looking pretty great:
Just a-chillin'
So Saturday morning, Bill met with the lady from the rescue who'd come the last leg of the journey across NY.
On the way to meet Bill
My new Dadz!
Headed home to MA!
Once they arrived home, we had a 'through the door' introduction with Tucker and Sweet Pea. They're not quite sure what to think of this strange new sibling. We're having the biggest struggle with Tucker, he's been fairly aggressive towards Poppie. Sweet Pea is having her share of things to say but she's doing much better at least. Poppie is just taking it all in. We have her separated for the time being and will work more on introductions again today and tomorrow. Hopefully these guys will all settle down and be more agreeable with a little time and patience. I see some long, neutral territory walks in our near future...but hopefully all friends in the end!

Welcome home Poppie!

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  1. it's always a big transition when introducing a new dog. we are going through it ourselves...but it will get better. i'm so thankful you saved poppie! kudos to you my friend! she's beautiful.