Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More From the Home Front

We've made it through another day with our Bella. The vet called yesterday morning with the wonderful report of a full clean bill of health for this precious girl--no heartworm, lyme, or internal parasites. Such good news--and quite the miracle since she'd been left outside and ignored for so long! We are extremely thankful and can begin to fully concentrate on getting her more settled and hopefully gain Tucker's approval as part of the family pack. He's still stand off-ish and wants to snap at her through the door. We continue to keep them separated until we are both on hand to work with them more on leashes. I don't want to risk Tucker attacking Bella--the thought simply terrifies me. She's getting along great with Sweet Pea--if only our Tucker was a bit more amiable!

Lounging in the kitchen while Tuck and Pea are outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
Bella is also not a huge fan of going outside. It's easier to convince her that it's okay if Sweet Pea will go out with her, then she's quite happy to bounce all around the yard, trying to entice Pea to play. But for a simple potty break, she's not as easily convinced--even with a handful of food or treats in an attempt to bribe her out of doors. She sits just inside the door, peering doubtfully at me, as if it's simply a trick and I won't let her back indoors. We're working on trust and patience. She deserves a world of love after all she's been through.

In other news--my friend, Maria, from work--our head cashier, announced the summer reading list for the store (I work at Barnes and Noble--true book heaven!! Sweet book nerd joy!) This is her list:
Seeing as I have eighty books on hand to read--yes, eighty!! I thought it might not be a bad idea to put together my own summer reading list--though it's not quite as long as Maria's, here is my own summer reading challenge:
I'm currently about not quite halfway through Patrick Rothfuss's A Wise Man's Fear, the second in his Kingkiller's Chronicles trilogy. I hope to finish that by the end of the month and begin my summer reading by Memorial Day. What's on your reading list?

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